Welcome to Grow Garretson!

This group, which grew out of the Garretson School’s “Invest in YES” initiative, is still in its infancy. But we have a lot we want to get done, and we know this community will get behind us to do it! We all love our town, and we want it to prosper and grow, and we are at the perfect place to do this.

We are made up of five different committees, each with different goals but the same purpose: growing our community. We want everyone to work to their strengths, and to get things done. We also want to serve as a conduit for communication between all the different organizations contained within the community: the Commercial Club, Swimming Pool Board, Parks Advisory Committee, City Council, School Board, and Garretson Economic Development Board, as well as many more.

To help with these goals, we’ve joined the Main Street Program, which provides resources, literature, and structure for our group. We’re also in the application process for joining Home Address, a division of Dakota Resources, which has helped numerous communities around the state to improve all aspects of their town: from tourist opportunities to business opportunities, housing to economics. We hope to complete this process with the completion of the housing study that was commissioned by the City and should be ready in August or September. This study will help us to know what type of housing we need, how much is necessary, and how to best proceed and grow our community.

Each committee has long-term and short-term goals, and we encourage you to read up on each of them! And we welcome you to help us all Grow Garretson.

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