Promotions Committee Goals

Our committee plans to have 4 direct pieces of action in the near to immediate future:

  1. Jesse James days- fundraising, get our name out- we will be having a float. Need people to work on the float beforehand, walk with the float during parade. There will also be a Kiddie feed meal for $5 for families, and Cow Pie Bingo in the afternoon. GG wants to be cautious of local businesses but help the Jesse James event flourish. Next year ideas are already being presented.
  2. Working with the Design Committee on the new Welcome to Garretson sign.
  3. Promoting the local businesses and encouraging community members to participate.
  4. Changing the attitude of the community to action and ideas that are positive.
  5. We need volunteers for all of our activities, whether it’s joining a committee or being part of a singular event (or three).

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