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I am so excited to be chairing the Business Development Committee of Grow Garretson.  Last week I met with some of the area business owners to talk about the future of business in Garretson.

Generally speaking, Garretson business is made up of tourists/campers and local residents.  Every year Garretson has over 100,000 tourists that visit our parks (Palisades, Devil’s Gulch, and Splitrock Park).  The business development committee is working on some really exciting initiatives to get those tourists into town to spend money.

The first initiative is relatively simple, but it has the potential to make a really big impact.  I have been working with several local businesses to get their business listed on Trip Advisor.  Trip Advisor is the go-to app and website for travelers.  They use it when they are planning a trip or when they are in an unfamiliar place and looking for something to do.  When guests come to town we don’t want them to visit our parks and then leave!  We want them to know what an awesome little town is just around the corner.  This initiative is a work in progress.  Trip Advisor is very particular about what businesses they allow to register because they want to maintain the integrity of site.  They want to make sure that the businesses listed are actual tourist destinations – that means that not EVERY business will be able to be listed.  Nonetheless, in a couple of weeks we are going to start asking our awesome community to go out and RATE the businesses that are listed and give them a nice review.  Once again, Trip Advisor wants to maintain the integrity of the site so the review has to be of an actual visit to the business, not just a general overview.

The second initiative is more involved and probably will not be complete until next spring.  I am VERY excited about it and I will reveal more details as we have them.

The third initiative is the launch of a “Buy Garretson” Campaign.  We want to help people be more aware of what they are buying and where they are buying it.  Many members of our community (myself included) drive to Sioux Falls to work every day.  Having a greater awareness of our Buy Local mission will hopefully just remind people to stop at Palisades on the way out-of-town instead of stopping off at a gas station in Brandon or Sioux Falls.  We also want to just get people into the stores — have you seen the selection of gifts at the Treasure Chest? If we aren’t frequenting our local businesses we might not even realize what they offer!

And that leads me to the fourth initiative… Second Saturday’s in Garretson.  It will be similar to Sioux Falls’ First Fridays and I could NOT be more excited about it.  There will be so much more to come on that, but I will save that for another post.

Good things are coming, let’s get ready to welcome new families, new business and new ideas into our amazing community.  Let’s get ready to GROW GARRETSON!

Chair – Richelle Hofer

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