Design Committee Goals

The goal is to transform Garretson into an inviting atmosphere and enhance the community. Even small things can go a long way, such as design asthetics, signage, and creating a cohesive theme throughout town. We plan to have 3 direct pieces of action in the near to immediate future:

  1. Working on a Welcome to Garretson sign. Currently there is no signage on Hwy 11 enticing people toward Garretson and Splitrock Park.
  2. Branding- The new slogan for Garretson is “Parks. Life. Legend.” Marketing the parks and the lifestyle is the goal. This will implement the historic Jesse James theme.
  3. Pole Banners- brighter, themed. Forms for sponsorship will be up in the next 2-3 weeks. Banners enhance the look of the community.

We want to define the standards for the design of the community, whether it’s publications, interior design, or architecture, and by doing so, we can enhance the experience of everyone, whether community member or visitor.

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