Business Development Goals

The best thing we can do right now is bring our businesses into a place where they’re doing the best job with their business that they can, and push for the local community to support those businesses. This committee plans to have 4 direct pieces of action in the near to immediate future:

  1. Workshops- 4 or 5 speakers through next 12 months, focusing on customer service, creating a unique business proposition, fire up business owners and give them tools to do business even better. Work with the Promotions committee to get info out to business owners.
  2. Identify complementary businesses that are doing well in other communities and encourage them to open up shop in Garretson by inviting them to the business development workshop. Our chair, Shelly, has gotten some good names from Sioux Falls Dev Office and Dakota Resources’ Joe Bartman for speakers and intends to contact them.
  3. Trip Advisor- there are already 84 reviews for Devils Gulch without asking or creating that page. Tourism is undercapitalized for us, and it’s time to change that. With 100,000 visitors each year to the Palisades Parks, we need to encourage them to get into Garretson. Get every business on Main Street on Trip Advisor. What can we all do? Please, go on line and rate the businesses.
  4. Building owner list- identifying who the legal owners are of each building in town/on Main Street. Currently many buildings are under utilized. What if we could present a proposal to the owners- build a storage building and buy the building. This has been done in many other communities so it isn’t new.

We have a lot of potential in our businesses in Garretson, and we’ve seen that success before. We have a great thing going so we get to build on that and ramp it up!

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