About Grow Garretson


Grow Garretson is committed to encouraging a strong community, providing a place for individuals and families to thrive while preserving small town heritage.

Mission Statement:

We are a group of forward-thinking community members dedicated to unifying community efforts and promoting positive growth and change:
  • To grow a community that works as a cohesive unit, welcoming new community members and engaging current ones.
  • To grow and sustain a revitalized and vibrant Main Street.
  • To grow quality housing for the community.
  • To grow and retain strong industry and quality jobs.
  • To grow a tourism industry that encourages visitors to enjoy our parks and community.

Committee Structure

Organization Committee Chair/President:

Mary Tilberg

Economic Development Committee Chair:

Chad Hanisch

Business Development Committee Chair:

Richelle Hofer

Promotions Committee Chair:


Design Committee Chair:

Nicole Higgins




Carrie Moritz